Which is the best libertarian insult: libbieloon, libtard, or losertarian?

Over at The Next Right, I made the point that the GOP needs libertarians more than libertarians need the GOP.  While I went into greater detail, this sums up the key theme of the posting:

Libertarians are used to wandering in the wilderness like political nomads.  We know we’ll be called upon from time to time to act as tour guides in order to lead the Republican leadership towards some safe small-government oasis or waterhole of individual liberty.  We don’t even need maps or compasses, as the routes are permanently etched within our minds.  Being tough and hearty political travelers, another forty years in the wilderness doesn’t scare us all that much. […]

Without enough allies to fight the Democrats or even the skills to find the path to small government and individual freedom, the current Republican leadership may not be destined to forty years in the wilderness.  Without libertarian assistance, they may not even make it to the next oasis.
With or without the GOP, libertarians will somehow survive.  Can the GOP survive without libertarians?

While I included criticism of libertarians from folks like Mike Huckabee and Lindsey Graham in the posting, I didn’t expect to see Michael Medved style insults thrown into the comment section.  Here are a few gems:

  • Despite having bad things to say about him, I agree with the Huckster about the “heartless, callous, soulless” bit. Please accept the fact that we aren’t going to ever become a libertarian paradise like Somalia, and move on.
  • Libertarian bashing is deserved, long overdue. They need it!
  • Here’s the real GOP deal for LibbieLoons… if you agree with the Party’s core principles on smaller govt, lower taxes, strong natl defense and JackKemp’s Opportunity Society, come on board!  If you don’t and –like RonPaul– want to abdicate the Free World to the IslamoFascists, then take a hike or return to that land of electoral wonders and political groundswells (not), the LibbieLoon party.
  • GOP needs to put a boot to the disloyal, back-stabbing LibbieLoons and send em packing –not make the GOP over into LibbieLoonLand Part Deux.
  • I’m surprised you didn’t get the memo… it was sent to the LibbieLoon headquarters
  • Does this mean that the bloggers on thenextright.com will stop calling libertarians “libtards”?
  • lib-tards  … is an insult to LIBERALS. If you want to insult Libertarians, you call em Loser-tarians or something like that.
  • call them what they really are: LibbieLoon-atics.
  • Oh… and they have to hog-tie BobBarr and DOCTORCrazyUncleRon together and parade them through the town square as our newest VillageIdiots.
  • It’s why no one deserves the LibbieLoons and the GOP sure as heck doesn’t need ’em.

“Losertarian” is getting pretty stale and I’m getting a bit burned out on “libtard.”  LibbieLoon seems a welcome addition to the invectives being tossed about by folks obviously incapable of reason.