Comment Policy

The Liberty Papers policy on comments and trackbacks:

The Liberty Papers is intended to be an open forum where all political viewpoints actively engage in open debate. It is not our intent to ever delete legitimate comments, nor is it our intent to silence political viewpoints with which we don’t agree. In fact, we encourage debate, both from people friendly to our viewpoint and from those opposed.

There is only one instance where non-spam comments will be deliberately deleted. If a comment is determined to be hateful, advocating violence, or abusive to another commenter, it will be deleted. There will be a fair amount of leeway given in a determination to delete such a comment, and we as moderators will err on the side of allowing comments, rather than deleting comments. To my knowledge, only one non-spam comment has been deleted to date.

There is one other instance where a comment may be mistakenly deleted. As a matter of necessity, this blog employs a number of efforts to combat both comment and trackback spam. I have seen comments occasionally show up as “false positives” in our spam filters, including occasionally comments by one of our contributors. If you think your comments are not appearing on this site, please let us know, in case it is being mistakenly identified as spam.