Rush Limbaugh and Fox News too damned cheap to pay for their own bandwidth


Screenshot of Limbaugh's website as of 4PM EST today

Being as they obviously can’t afford to serve their own Internet files, both Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have been hotlinking the now-infamous Department of Homeland Security report this site recently released. Since the report was published, we’ve experienced a tremendous burst of traffic, and been working overtime (special kudos to Brad) merely to keep this site operational. Hotlinking is a no-no in the Internet community. If you are new to the Internet, here’s a good explanation as to why it’s so frowned upon. It would be difficult to characterize Limbaugh or Fox as being an Internet newbies, however.

We’d take to take time to offer a special thank you to Michelle Malkin for going out of her way to serve a copy of the report on her own site.

I first learned that Rush had hotlinked us last night. The “talent on loan from God” webteam still doesn’t seem to be aware of what their readers see when clicking on the link.  Here’s what people coming from hotlinked sources will find.

In the meantime, if you came here to read the report, here’s a copy of the .pdf file.


Blowup of the Rush's frontpage hotlink