County Governments Across the Country to Target Citizens…

…with their own tax dollars.

It seems the “taxpayer-funded National Association of Counties (NACO) is currently seeking an applicant among whose duties will be to ‘combating anti-government/anti-tax efforts.'”

That would be sort of like stealing money from a friend in order to use that money to seduce his wife. Except I don’t know too many people who consider any level of government their friend.

Here’s the text of their craigslist advertisement:
Public Affairs Special Projects Coordinator (Washington, DC)
Reply to: [email protected] [?]
Date: 2009-01-22, 9:53AM EST

A national association representing county governments is seeking a Public Affairs Special Projects Coordinator to work on two projects. One project seeks to reestablish a partnership between the federal government and America’s counties. The second will focus on developing a national strategy for combating anti-government/anti-tax efforts. The ideal candidate should have knowledge of county, state and federal governmental structure and interrelationships; experience at the federal or congressional level; experience running issue or public service campaigns; and excellent oral and written communication skills.
Send cover letter, resume and salary history to [email protected].
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Grover Norquist’s commentary regarding the latest incident of government power grabbers getting caught with their pants down:

“County-level elected officials who agree with taxpayers that it is wrong to use taxpayer money to fight against taxpayers should insist that NACO end this effort … Those county officials who do not want to be associated with using tax dollars this way should withdraw from NACO and have their dues refunded to taxpayers.”

Back to the premise I’ve been maintaining for years: the true political battle line is government vs. the people.

H/T to my old drinkin’ bud Robert Stacy McCain