Bailouts Are Not Sexy

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Extreme obesity could be defined as an abnormally large accumulation of body fat. Consequences of obesity include illness, disability and death. While treatment options vary (i.e. dieting, liposuction, medications, surgery), increasing caloric, fatty or carbohydrate intake clearly isn’t the correct solution. In other words, you aren’t going to shed 10,631,467,593,243.45 pounds by consuming a 7,940,000,000,000.00 calorie cake.

Marie Antionette was known as Madame Déficit because the “people blamed her for the bad economics in the country and claimed that she alone was the one to have spent all the money on her own pleasures.”

The still controversial statement “let them eat cake” is often attributed to Antoinette. It seems that both the previous and current administrations and Congresses want to distribute bread to the masses while bailing out (or even nationalizing) the major corporate bakeries. Unfortunately, local mom-and-pop bakeries aren’t “too big to fail,” so many of them will indeed fail because of the political preference for corporate courtiers. History is filled with examples of financial crises caused by excessive government spending.  History is indeed repeating itself now, as it also did during the reign of Louis XVI.

In the meantime, corporate welfare is neither sexy nor healthy. Why the mainstream media refuses to paint an accurate picture of our federal extravagance is beyond me. Hopefully, this photograph will help illustrate the fact that the only thing a stimulus package will ever stimulate is an ever-increasing appetite for even more stimulus packages.