From A Revolution To A Movement

I’ve said more than once that libertarian-oriented Republicans need to do a lot more than concentrate on Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign if they want to bring about real change in America. The Presidency, after all, doesn’t amount to much if Congress is in the hands of statists of the Republican or Democratic variety, and state governments can do far more damage to individual liberty than some people seem willing to admit.

Which is why its encouraging to see two developments aimed at ensuring that pro-liberty Republicans get the support they need.

First, there’s Paul Congress, a group that describes itself as follows:

A Ron Paul Presidency, and by default the American public, will benefit greatly from a Congress filled with Ron Paul Republicans (traditional Republicans), Libertarians, and Ron Paul Independents. Maxed out your contributions to the Paul Campaign? Want true Constitutional representation across the board? Maximize your peace, liberty, & prosperity.

What is the best way to get these candidates elected? Financial contributions and volunteering. Realize the neocon & neoliberal corporate-payrolled candidates become media darlings because of all their connections and all that cash, and not their principles. Our liberty loving candidates need the effort and contributions of many honest voters just to get an even footing. Please take time to donate to them and sign-up to get active on their web sites now.

So far, there are only two candidates on their endorsement list, but its a start.

The other group is called Liberty Slate `08:

The Republican Party has abandoned the principles of fiscal discipline, committment to limited government and individual rights, and social tolerance. In an effort to rejuvinate the GOP’s committment to these principles, LibertySlate08 was founded to:

1. Recruit at least a dozen small government Republican candidates for CONGRESS in 2008 to challenge Republicans in state primaries.

2. Provide Republican primary voters with a choice of contrast between credible, energetic small government candidates and old, outdated Big Government incumbents.

3. Emphasize key issues such as a return to fiscal discpline, an end to the War in Iraq, opposition to the draft, and Congressional term limits.

4. Spark a NATIONAL DEBATE within the GOP about the party’s future. (Gain press for our candidates, our issues, and our goals.)

5. Provide a challenge to incumbent politicians that have NOT been challenged in decades due to gerrymandered districting.

If you’re interested in this project, please contact [email protected] . The time to present our alternative to Big Government Republicanism is NOW. Please step up and join Team Liberty.

Sounds like a good idea to me.