Socialists Don’t Like Profits

Earlier today, Doug posted an excerpt from a Larry Kudlow article on oil profits [and Democrats wishes to tax them]. He rightly pointed out that the result of taxing those profits will be to hurt ordinary Americans, but he brought up a question that wasn’t answered:

The bottom line is that our economic system is all about free-market capitalism, and at the core of that system is profit. Profit isn’t a dirty word. From profits spring the abundance of this great country. Profits are the mother’s milk of stocks and the economy. Expanding profits provide businesses the resources to enlarge production operations and hire additional workers. This, in turn, is how incomes are created, wages that are then spent by American families. Why can’t liberals grasp this?

I hate using the word “liberals” in this manner. “Liberals” aren’t liberal; they’re authoritarian socialists. I’m liberal. But that’s a different point.

I call them authoritarians socialists specifically to bring up a point. THEY’RE NOT CAPITALISTS! They don’t believe in free-market capitalism. They don’t believe in the worth of our economic system. Specifically, they don’t for a moment agree with the statement that “Profit isn’t a dirty word.” To them, profit is a very dirty word.

To a socialist, profits don’t legitimately belong to the owner of a company or to the capitalists who invest in the company. Profits should belong to the workers of the company. Essentially, they believe that the capitalists are stealing that value from its rightful owner, the worker who produces it. Thus, they see it only natural that democratic government should steal that value right back from the capitalists, and hand it over to the workers, in order to right the “wrong”.

When a capitalist talks about Exxon’s profits, he’ll probably use the word “earn” in there somewhere. After all, the process of finding, extracting, transporting, refining, and selling oil and gasoline is not an easy process. With smart decisions, they’ve served consumers and made money in the process. As Kudlow points out, they’ve made huge dollar amounts on very high revenues, but at a relatively modest 10% profit margin.

But when Hillary talks about these profits, she won’t use the word “earn”. To her, those profits weren’t earned. Those profits, therefore, should be taken away and given to the people who truly “earn” in this country, the worker. Hillary Clinton is a socialist— not a liberal. To her, profit is a dirty word, and she’s more than willing to take them away “for the common good”; regardless of what economic growth they could fuel as investments.