Who Is Eric

I’m an American who served in the US Army and fought in Operation Desert Storm. I have two kids, David and Karyn. These days, after “paying my dues” in the industry, I’m an Information Security Manager/Officer for a company that provides IT services in the healthcare industry. I directly support a government customer, so I don’t seem to be able to escape the government, maybe that’s just a fact of life in modern America. I certainly didn’t plan out some program to get where I am today, but I am also apparently a HIPAA/Healthcare Privacy and Security expert.

Once upon a time I used to be an avid skiier, but as I age I seem to be less interested in that. I must be getting old, I recently took up golf and found a bunch of good reasons for it that I would have laughed at in my younger years. I love to read, especially science fiction & fantasy, military/action adventure, politics and history. My favorite authors include Heinlein, Pournelle, Dickson, Clancy, Larry Bond, Tolkien and Stephen King. I recently read “The Stand” for the first time ever, great story.

I’m a computer geek, I’ve been on the Internet since about 1991, before that I was involved with Prodigy, CompuServ and FidoNet. I’m also a Unix/Linux geek, with Linux experience going back to sometime in 1996. I like to play military strategy and simulation games. My current favorites are Hearts of Iron, a grand strategy game of World War II and Sid Meier’s Civilization III.

Why do I write and blog about politics? I assume that’s what you all really want to know, right? I came of age, politically speaking, in the Reagan years. I remember the slow transition from the malaise, angst and lack of focus during the 1970’s, the rejuvenation of the belief in the individual. More than that, I remember how clear it was when Reagan said that the problems we faced were due to government. As I look around today, 25 years later, our government is larger and more intrusive, and people are even more resigned to it, that it was then. In the intervening years I have read Ayn Rand, Robert Heinlein, Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, Adam Smith and many others who wrote on classic liberal theory, and various sorts of objectivism and anarchy. I’ve read the works of the other side too, the collectivists and socialists and the rest who believe in absolute egalitarianism or the efficacy of the state more generally.

What I’ve found is that I believe, deeply, in the morality and utlitarian value of individual liberty. Not only is it right, but it works. And I’ve seen the other side, in Europe and the Middle East. I’ve seen the places where the state rules the individual. I write and blog and expound on these topics in the hopes that I touch at least one other person. I do it because I enjoy it and I believe in Liberty.

Security executive, work for Core Security, veteran, kids, dogs, cat, chickens, mortgage, bills. I like #liberty #InfoSec #scotch, #wine, #cigars, #travel, #baseball