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Third Party Debate

The City Club of Cleveland extended an invitation to the top six presidential candidates*. Of the six candidates, Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr, Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin, and independent candidate Ralph Nader participated; Democrat Barack Obama, Republican John McCain, and Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney were no-shows.

Unlike the debates we have already seen in this cycle, the candidates in this debate actually debated the issues!

*The candidates who could theoretically receive the requisite electoral vote to win the presidency

ICE Sending Drugs Out Of The Country — Inside Deportees

Our government sure has a strange take on drugs. If you want to take them to get high, or to improve sports performance, or to dull the pain of debilitating diseases, you deserve to be put in jail. But if they’re trying to make someone malleable and complacent, such as schoolchildren, drugs are great!

And, sadly, if they just want you to shut up and get on a plane, they’ll inject you with all manner of dangerous psychoactive medications, just to make their own jobs easier:

The U.S. government has injected hundreds of foreigners it has deported with dangerous psychotropic drugs against their will to keep them sedated during the trip back to their home country, according to medical records, internal documents and interviews with people who have been drugged.

The government’s forced use of antipsychotic drugs, in people who have no history of mental illness, includes dozens of cases in which the “pre-flight cocktail,” as a document calls it, had such a potent effect that federal guards needed a wheelchair to move the slumped deportee onto an airplane.

Such episodes are among more than 250 cases The Washington Post has identified in which the government has, without medical reason, given drugs meant to treat serious psychiatric disorders to people it has shipped out of the United States since 2003 — the year the Bush administration handed the job of deportation to the Department of Homeland Security’s new Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, known as ICE. Many have since pushed back against their actions with help from a deportation lawyer, with varying success.

Involuntary chemical restraint of detainees, unless there is a medical justification, is a violation of some international human rights codes. The practice is banned by several countries where, confidential documents make clear, U.S. escorts have been unable to inject deportees with extra doses of drugs during layovers en route to faraway places.

By “extra doses” they’re referring to doses several multiples the dose given to people with severe psychotic mental illnesses. Done without a court order, with no apparent need, by people who have greater incentive to keep a deportee quiet than keep him mentally well. Like much of what you see with government, arbitrary power is awarded to people who have little accountability and no incentive to use it wisely.

The United States– a nation which prides itself on its adherence to individual rights– has recently been forced to engage in debates of whether it’s okay to torture enemies, and now whether it’s humane to inject [usually] non-violent illegal immigrants with psychoactive drugs in order to shut them up. And then they have the gall to refer to their intravenous concoction by the euphemism “pre-flight cocktail.” I’ll bet if you try to buy this cocktail in an airport bar, it won’t be on the menu.

There’s a word for this: hubris. Those who would engage in or sanction behavior like this must believe that they are above the law, or that they are the law. They believe that while they wish to control others, they are above the need for control. And, when pressed, you’d likely get most of them to defend their actions as necessary or justified, even if unlawful and immoral.

Thankfully, there has been enough public response to this practice that it is now at least officially forbidden. But at least one known case exists since the policy change to suggest that it hasn’t completely ceased:

His record offers contradictory evidence about whether there was psychiatric justification for the drugs he got, though it seems to suggest that there was not. A one-page “patient summary” for Ayoub says “Med/Psych Alert Documents: None.” His medical escort log labels him a mental health case and says he had a “depressed mood” and an “anxiety state.”

A handwritten note in his escort file, from a psychiatrist who saw him at the Elizabeth center, first says Ayoub was not likely to endanger himself or anyone else — then, lower on the same page, says he might. On the next page of the file is another note, this one written two days before his flight, from the psychiatrist in charge of aviation medicine. It says that Ayoub’s case is a “behavioral escort,” not a psychiatric one, and that the nurse “is only to give medications to the patient if he agrees to take them. He will only use involuntary treatment if the patient is at imminent risk of hurting himself or others.”

That is not what happened.

“Detainee tearful and wringing hands,” his medical log begins. An hour later, it says: “Detainee increasingly agitated and resisting clothing change. Detainee is now crying and screaming” at two guards. A nurse at the Elizabeth detention center slid two milligrams of the anti-anxiety drug, Ativan, into his left shoulder.

Immigration officials said his deportation was “consistent” with the June policy that allows medication only when a detainee “may be a risk to himself or others.”

“I was feeling my head was leaving my body,” Ayoub remembers. “I was losing control over my body.” He was groggy but awake when he arrived with guards and the nurse at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and boarded the nonstop flight to Egypt.

Before the plane took off, he remembers, he called over a flight attendant and “asked them to tell the pilot I didn’t want to leave.” The nurse stuck a needle into his right arm this time. That injection put him to sleep. You have to remember this is a cocktail of manmade drugs being used recklessly – the detainee clearly became more and more wound up, the more times he was injected. He would have most likely wilfully taken medication had it been offered to him, such as the natural and much less harmful CBD products, especially in the form of gummies or something much more innocent than a needle full of drugs. These products which could be brought from weed delivery brooklyn or similar online dispensaries are natural and safe methods of calming issues like anxiety and soothing the brain. Maybe if they had access to some white label nootropics of some sort, or private label, it doesn’t matter which, the detainee would have taken a capsule voluntarily and the negative effects of the situation and the pure stress all parties felt would not have been there in the first place. Civilians are able to know where to buy delta-8 THC products from online stores so they can be helped with their stress levels, however, this has not been considered for those who are in situations such as these, when it should be. This is where it is a sad fact that products such as these are banned in so many places when actually they can have more of a positive effect.

The records are relatively ambiguous on whether this sedation was necessary. I’d say that a “depressed mood” and “anxiety state” are probably consistent with being forcibly removed from the country you’ve chosen as home and sent back against your will. The description of “crying and screaming” is more severe. After the Kathryn Johnston event, though, I’m not necessarily trusting in the official report. At the very least, the second injection seems much less necessary.

The government gave us the “This is your brain on drugs” advertisement, but they jump to the use of chemical restraints when mechanical restraint would probably be much more humane. It’s clear to me that they simply don’t want to listen to these deportees on an overseas flight, and that the drugs are more about the government’s well-being than the deportees’. This practice is inhumane, morally wrong, and fails to live up to the ideals upon which this nation was founded.

Hat Tip: The Agitator

The Relationship Between Immigration And Crime

The San Jose Mercury News reports on a study of California’s immigrant, including illegal immigrant, population:

Countering widespread belief, a new report shows California’s foreign-born population – including illegal immigrants – makes up only a sliver of the state’s population of inmates.

The report by the Public Policy Institute of California, released Monday, also suggests the foreign-born population, which makes up more than a third of the state’s adults, plays a disproportionately smaller role in serious crime.

“Crime, Corrections, and California: What Does Immigration Have to Do with It?” gives one of the clearest glimpses yet into the impact of immigrants and immigration on the state’s justice system.

It also aims to dispel the perception that cities with large foreign-born populations are criminal hot beds, with several California cities showing a dip in police activity amid recent immigration waves.

Among the study’s conclusions:

• Foreign-born men make up about 35 percent of the state’s adult male population, but they are roughly 17 percent of the state’s overall prison inmates.

• U.S.-born men are jailed in state prisons at a rate more than three times higher than foreign-born men and are 10 times more likely to land behind bars.

• Male Mexican nationals ages 18 to 40 – those more likely to have entered the country illegally – are more than eight times less likely than their U.S.-born counterparts to be imprisoned.

• Those who entered the country when they were 1 year old or younger make up about 0.8 percent of those institutionalized.

More from the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Our research indicates that limiting immigration, requiring higher educational levels to obtain visas or spending more money to increase penalties against criminal immigrants will have little impact on public safety,” [report co-author Kristen] Butcher said in a statement.

So much for that canard, I suppose.

Quote Of The Day: Robert Higgs On Immigration And Welfare

The Independent Institute’s Robert Higgs has a great essay out on the debate over illegal immigration as it applies to the welfare state:

Anti-immigrationists often say that the Mexicans come here only to go on welfare. Aside from this declaration’s manifest misrepresentation of the truth, one wonders why the obvious remedy for this alleged problem does not occur to them: get rid of welfare—after all, nobody, regardless of his place of birth, has a just right to live at other people’s coerced expense.

Others claim that the “illegals” crowd the public schools and hospitals, sucking resources away from the taxpayers. If so, then the answer is the same: get the government out of the business of schooling and healing; it ought never to have gone there in the first place.

Some Americans clothe their hatred with the charge that the foreigners who come here commit crimes, such as selling drugs and conducting businesses without a license. Of course, drug peddling and working without a government license ought never to have been criminalized in the first place, for anybody, because these acts violate no one’s just rights. If people are worried about real crimes, such as robbery and murder, they need to recall that laws against these crimes already exist, and no special “preemptive war” against potential immigrant offenders can be justified, any more than I can justify nuking Philadelphia today on the strength of my absolute conviction that some residents of that city will commit serious crimes tomorrow.


If we must choose—and indeed we must—between the world’s most powerful and aggressive state, on the one hand, and a man who wishes to move to Yakima to support his family by picking apples, on the other hand, which side does human decency dictate that we choose? Unfortunately, in this situation, it is all too plain that many Americans are choosing to worship the state and to make a fetish of the borders it has established by patently unjust means. As for this wandering Okie, I’d sooner prostrate myself before a golden calf.

What he said.

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