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Stephen Littau in 537 Words

Before I get into introducing myself to the readers of The Liberty Papers, I want to thank Brad and Doug for inviting me to become a contributor to this wonderful blog. The Liberty Papers has been my favorite blog since its inception and it is my hope that my writing lives up to the high standards set by those who have made this blog a quality source for those who wish to advance the ideals of Life, Liberty, and Property in a world which increasingly finds these to be foreign concepts.

About Me…

I am quickly arriving at my 30th birthday (February 4, Super Bowl Sunday), happily married to my wonderful wife Aimee, have three children (2 boys and a baby girl), and a pesky cat. We have recently moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Denver, Colorado where my wife grew up and where most of her extended family resides. I am a structural draftsman by trade and am working on a bachelor’s degree in business management. My hobbies include following politics, listening to talk radio, reading (mostly non-fiction), watching NFL football (especially the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos), bowling, playing HeroScape with my boys, and of course blogging.

Speaking of blogging, the name of my blog is Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds where I write about philosophy, politics, religion (from an atheist’s perspective), science, economics, media matters and everything else you were told was not polite to discuss at the dinner table. I’m a Classical Liberal who is an unapologetic advocate of liberty, individualism, capitalism, limited government, property rights, criminal justice reform, the rule of law, and church/state separation. I am the arch enemy of socialism, Islamofascism, communism, collectivism, mob rule, big government, government waste, the war on (some) drugs, mandatory minimum sentencing laws, race based & sex based preferences, blue laws, overly burdensome green laws, political correctness, the welfare state, and the nanny state.

The thinkers who have influenced me the most are John Locke, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Adam Smith, Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand. As far as contemporary influences go, Peter McWilliams, Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Neal Boortz, Leonard Peikoff, and John Stossel have all contributed a great deal to the way I view the world. One trait that all these individuals share is a desire to create a world of maximum liberty and minimal government interference.

Unfortunately, most of what we read in the newspaper or see on television advocates the polar opposite. Our elected officials on both the Left and the Right have no problem with taking our liberty if it fuels their agendas and grants them additional power. This is why I believe the blogosphere in general and The Liberty Papers in particular is so important…to hold our elected officials accountable. Knowledge is power and when the MSM refuses to do its job, someone must fill the void and inform the public of the disgraceful actions which take place on a daily basis to rob us of our most basic liberties. If we ignore our rights they will go away but at The Liberty Papers, we refuse to allow our readers to remain ignorant by “Defending individual freedom and liberty, one post at a time.”

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