A very special thank you note…

…for this week’s links, visits and media

The Liberty Papers would like to issue a very warm welcome to our fellow travelers visiting from the following websites.  We’d also like to express our appreciation to these sites for linking to us.  Here’s (below the fold) a list of recent links (and I apologize, in advance, for the ones I missed).

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A Goy and His Blog

A Radical Perspective

A Tangled Web

A True Obamanation


American Conservative Daily

American Conservative Daily

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Below the Beltway


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Chat Marchet News Digest

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Crush Liberalism



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Daily Newscaster

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Delaware Libertarian

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Docs Political Parlor

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Dust My Broom

Evangelical Perspectives

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Fox News

Free Canuckistan

Freedom Democrats

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Freedom’s Lighthouse

Gabriel Malor

Grand Rants

Grizzly Mama

Hit and Run

Homeland Security Watch

Homeland Security Watch

Hot Air/Ed Morrissey

Hot Air/Robert Stacy McCain

Hot Air/Robert Stacy McCain

Hot Air/Robert Stacy McCain



In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

In one ear… out the other

Independent Political Report

Independent Political Report

Infinite Monkeys

Insert Clever S. Logan Here


Ironic Surrealism

Jason Pye

Jason Pye

Jason Pye

Jason Pye

Jason Pye

Jim’s Blog


Kinshasa on the Potomac

Kinshasa on the Potomac

Lady Cincinnatus

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Libertarian Republican

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Master of None

Memeorandum (aggregataed several times)

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Michigan Blogger

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Moe Lane

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Prose Before Hos

Prose Before Hos


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SOMD Online

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The Classic Liberal

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The League of Ordinary Gentlemen

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen

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The Other McCain

The Other McCain

The Other McCain

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United Liberty

United Liberty

Voices Carry

Vote the Record

Waldo Lydecker’s Journal

Wake up America

Wannabe Anglican

Winds of Babylon


Z Truth

Also, I’d like to thank Alabama’s 101.1FM host Lee Davis for inviting Robert Stacy McCain and me to his studio for a full hour yesterday.  Likewise, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for the great fun I had on her program earlier this week. And don’t forget contributor Jason Pye’s recent coverage of Tea Party issues on Neil Cavuto.

The primary topics of interest for the week range from Tea Parties to the Homeland Security document we recently disclosed, and are combined with issues ranging from piracy to economics.  Many of this week’s visitors are conservative, although we’ve had a lot of traffic from liberal and libertarian sites, as well.  Bearing this in mind, I’d like each of you to consider the following quote, which was attributed to Benjamin Franklin:

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

For the last eight years, the left has been justly criticizing the right for their disregard of civil liberties.  Now the right is justly outraged about the recent DHS documents disclosed here.  For the last eight years, some on the right have been castigating those on the left honestly looking to protect civil rights.  Currently, some on the left are doing the same to the right.

The last time I checked, the Bill of Rights wasn’t a partisan document and if there is one thing on which we should all be able to work together, it’s the protection of these fundamental rights.  Civil liberties shouldn’t be a left or right issue, but an American one.